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4 de mayo de 2016

Tour de mi sala

My living room tour

Hola hola gente bonita estoy feliz de poderles compartir el tour de mi sala los invito a que vean el video donde explico todo a detalle, muchas gracias por visitar mi blog!

Hello hello beautiful people! I'm so exited  to share with you my living room, we are still working on our new house, but for now this is what I acomplish and I'm really pleased with the result, I found  the black chair on the side of the road, I sanded it and painted it black, the bench are two Ikea lack side tables I put together, the coffe table was a thift store find. It is not exactly what I had in mind at the begining when we started building our hose but it's what I can have for now and I love it! what I love the most is my pottery collection, some of it is my own work and also from different family memebers. 
Thanks for visiting my blog! 

Aquí puedes ver otras partes de mi casa

Here are some other parts of my house


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  1. A very nice job. I love what you brought in and how you used the art work. We need to see more of this in interior designs Thank you for posting.....


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